50 Faces

The faces of a region are marked with its history, its diversity, its joy and its suffering. Each face tells a story. Each person, a memory. The '50 Faces of the Holy Land' project is a photographic and audio exhibition.

It was commissioned to highlight and promote the lives of the faithful in Israel, Gaza and the Occupied Territories. Stories were told by people of all ages, and experiences; we learn what it is to live in a land that is known by so many to be holy.


23-year-old former Sergeant in an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unit in the Nablus area.


62-year-old former speaker of Israel's Knesset.


32-year-old Bedouin of the Jahalin tribe.


Lives in the settlement of Efrat in the West Bank.


51-year-old Palestinian from Ramin, Tulkarm.