Beit Jala and Cremisan Valley

The Cremisan Valley is a predominantly Christian area near Bethlehem. For more than ten years people in the region opposed the Israeli government’s proposals to build the Separation Wall through the valley.

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The wall prevents people in the town of Beit Jala from freely accessing their farmland, Church buildings and local school.

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The situation in the Cremisan Valley


God-with-us, you sit down in our midst. Nothing can separate us from your love — not towering concrete walls or the deep darkness between searchlights; not distance from friends or despair in our hearts that the world’s wrong cannot be changed. You are with our brothers crowded at the checkpoint, with our sisters witnessing for peace: you sit down in our midst. Born into poverty to displaced people living under occupation, you shared our human lives, and we know that your love can never be contained by the walls of separation. You sit down in our midst, God-with-us. Amen


Keep up to date with The Society of St Yves and support their work representing families affected by the route of the Separation Wall. The Society of St Yves is a Catholic human rights organisation working under the patronage of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem. It was founded in 1991 to help “the poor and the oppressed” according to the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.