Bethlehem is the city of Christ’s birth and pilgrims come here from all over the world to visit the Church of the Nativity.

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The people of Bethlehem themselves are unable to travel freely, restricted by military checkpoints and the Separation Wall. These have an impact upon every aspect of people’s lives including their businesses, education and contact with family.

Beit Jala and Cremisan Valley

The Cremisan Valley is a predominantly Christian area near Bethlehem. For more than ten years people in the region opposed the Israeli government’s proposals to build the Separation Wall through the valley.

Beit Sahour

Beit Sahour is a predominantly Christian city near Bethlehem, and site of the fields where shepherds first heard news of Christ’s birth.

Tent of Nations

The Tent of Nations is a Christian-run farm in the hills near Bethlehem. It brings together people from different communities - under a banner of peace - to promote understanding, respect and coexistence.

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Charlie - Melkite Catholic from Bethlehem


Get in touch with Friends of the Holy Land for advice on making a pilgrimage to Bethlehem that includes time with Palestinian Christian families and supports projects run by the local Churches.